Custom Laser Engraving Services for glass, crystal, metal, plastic, acrylic and more

Since laser engraving or laser marking is a non-contact process, it is a safe and ideal method for marking any material no matter how fragile, and can be used to mark any object or part that might otherwise be damaged by impact or aggressive contact. Laser marks are permanent and lasting, accurate to .0001 inch and 100% consistent in long production runs.

Custom laser engraving services on glass material

Focused Laser Solutions has perfected the method of custom laser engraving on glass material, sometimes referred to as laser etching on glass (although etching is technically a different process entirely). Our high end equipment enables us to deliver long lasting, crisp and readable text or line art images to glass. Using Co2 lasers when marking the surface of glass, mirrors or quartz has replaced some older methods such as sand blasting, ink printing, or etching. The new laser production process is cleaner and the results are more professional and attractive. Sometimes we find it more appropriate to laser mark the reverse side of the glass object with the image inverted to protect the mark from surface abrasions.

Some applications include flat objects such as mirrors, picture frame glass, or circular objects such as glass cups, bottles, beakers, lenses, paper weights.

Custom laser engraving services on crystal material

Our laser marking / laser engraving services on crystal material can produce stunning results and are appropriate for awards, wedding favors, trophies, plaques, or any flat or cylindrical object. Focused Laser Solutions’ custom laser engraving services on crystal material is fast, easy, and clean and the results produce the most beautiful detail for your artwork, text, logo or photographs.

Custom laser engraving services on metal

Our laser marking or laser engraving services on metal material is the ideal way to permanently mark your text, graphics, or part number to the most complex shaped part made from any steel surface such as mild, alloy, hardened, or stainless. Also we can laser engrave on aluminum (bare or anodized) brasses and bronzes, titanium, nitinol, carbides, nitrides, silicon, tungsten, painted and powder coated metal as well.

Our specialized laser marking system is put to use by either engraving directly onto metals or by piercing through a top coating, which when opened up by our laser beam penetrates below to reveal the under surface. By using the laser to anneal material, lasers can also be used change the chemistry of a part to create contrast only on the surface, without any tangible edge or depth to the image.

Applications include automotive products such as VIN numbers, serialized part numbers, switches, instrument panels, date codes, shift codes, lot codes. Medical product applications may include pace makers, artificial joints, heart valves, needles, stents, and surgical instruments. Industrial applications may include tooling, fixtures, hardware, precision mechanical components, serialized part numbers, 1-D and 2-D barcodes and name plates. Aerospace applications may include engine component, turbine blades, hydraulic parts and many others.

Custom laser engraving services on plastic material

With today’s growing range of laser-markable resins, pigmentation technology, and equipment, Focused Laser Solutions is uniquely positioned to apply this technology to the growing demand of plastic parts for industries ranging anywhere from the medical devices to promotional products. The days of messy ink marking technologies such as pad and inkjet printing has been replaced by the environmentally friendly and clean byproduct free application of laser engraving for plastic parts of any type and shape.

Whether we are using CO2 laser technology to remove material directly from plastic surfaces for an engraved look, or Nd:YAG laser marking which creates color alterations without removing any surface area, Focused Laser Solutions can recommend the best approach to your needs for custom laser engraving services on plastic.

The decorative effects available are endless, from logos to line art, text, bar codes on flat or curved surfaces, Focused Laser Solutions is the job shop capable of any laser engraving production run no matter how complex.

Custom laser engraving services on acrylic material

Next to wood, acrylic is the most popular material to laser mark. In our experience, offering custom laser engraving services on acrylic material has been a great solution for many applications because acrylic material is easy to cut and mark, comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and is an affordable material to acquire and manipulate. We can also add color filling to acrylic pieces with up to 12 different colors!
The two forms of acrylic are cast and extruded. Cast acrylic can be used for just about any laser marking purpose because the mark can create a frost appearance against its naturally clear background. On the other hand, extruded acrylic retains its original clarity when laser engraved / marked but doesn’t produce the same contrast. But extruded acrylic is a good choice if you’re needs involve only vector cutting. Also extruded acrylic is more affordable than cast and offers a lower melting point which produces an edge that looks flame finished when cut.