Custom Laser Engraving and Marking Services

We are a full service laser engraving and laser marking services job shop with over 20 years experience, offering the highest level of precision and quick turnaround for all our customers.
Our laser engraving and marking service is performed on virtually any substance, including wood, plastic, crystal, glass, and metal

Serving companies who supply the Department Of Defense, medical field manufacturers and suppliers, and private corporations, we can engrave text, graphics or bar codes onto virtually any substance. Materials include wood, metal, plastic, acrylic, glass, bare aluminum, anodized aluminum, crystal, silver plated material, stainless steel, Alumamark™ material, CerMark™ sprayed material to name a few. In addition, we offer rotary indexing to laser mark your text graphics or codes around cylindrical parts, plus color filling to acrylic and wood pieces with up to 12 different colors to accentuate your product…you name it, we can mark it.

What makes our laser engraving and marking services different?

We attribute our success to two things, our turn around time and our quality laser engraving and marking service. Not only is Focused Laser Solutions serious about honoring the turn-around time requirements of our clients, but we are in fact light years ahead of everyone else in providing quick service. And unlike other job shops, we use galvo based marking systems, which means your part remains stationary while the beam moves to mark the image. The end result is a perfectly positioned, crisp and clean rendering of your graphics, text or bar codes.

The applications for our laser engraving and marking are endless

  • Tesa UID labels
  • Medical trays
  • Picture frames, pens and promotional items
  • Direct part UID marking

I would highly recommend Focused Laser for all of your engraving needs. They are a top notch company! Turned many orders for me in 1 day! Fantastic customer service and superior quality. Thank You for everything!

–N. Anthony SanMartino,